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Effective, Efficient, Evidence-Based Hybrid Speech Library

The Holistic Speech Digital Library provides engaging and interactive tools needed to master your speech goals.

Our Speech Language Pathologists have created hundreds of speech and language games, interactive worksheets, and empowering parent resources to make the distance disappear.

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No-Prep Therapy Bundles

Every week our SLPs add pre-made bundles which include a digital activity, interactive reinforcer, and printable parent resource. We believe in reducing prep time while increasing the quality of online speech therapy sessions.

Early Speech Sounds, Pronouns, and Back to School bundle examples

Interactive Videos and Passages

Target All of Your Speech Goals

Interactive Board Games

Our interactive multiplayer board games keep children fully engaged while targeting all of their speech and language needs.

Each game can be customized to your student's therapy goals. Our digital library allows therapists to choose any game, and then choose multiple targets to customize each session.

Speech Therapy boardgame with menu of speech goals

Search From Hundreds of Games!

Speech Therapy Board Games, Trivia, Interactive Video and Slides examples

Stimuli for All Ages and Levels

Making the Distance Disappear

Our SLPs strive to find creative ways to engage students of all ages. The Holistic Speech Library utilizes interactive games, passages, and videos to target speech articulation, language, social skills, and hundreds of other IEP goals.

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